New Service Request

Welcome to Brown County Water Utility Inc.  Please contact our office by phone 812-988-6611 or email to receive the correct documentation requirements.  We look forward to serving your water needs.

Service lines on private property shall include only pipe and fittings meeting the same standards as those in the main lines of the system.

1. Pipe meeting these requirements includes:

  • PVC SCH 40

2. Cut-off valve - shut off - outside pit

3. Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) 400PSI

4. Check Valve for Hot Water Heater on inlet side, or higher elevations.

All plastic pipes must be stamped in accordance with the above and bear the NSF Seal of Approval.

Membership may be canceled and/or service discontinued by the Corporation for any violation of any rule, regulation, or condition of service and especially for any of the following reasons:

  1. Misrepresentation in application as to the property of fixtures to be supplied or use to be made of the service.
  2. Misuse due to improper imperfect service pipes and/or fixtures or failure to keep the same in a suitable state of repair.
  3. Tampering with meters, mains, lines, valves, or permitting such tampering by others.
  4. Connections, cross-connections, or permitting the same, of any separate line to the premises which receives service from the corporation.

The “Member” and/or “Water User” is responsible for the water line from the meter to the home, all water lines outside & inside the home and appliances inside the home. It is very important to check your side of the water system for leaks, especially if your water usage appears to be above normal. 

The User shall purchase and install a pressure reducing valve and the User shall be responsible for replacing and maintaining the pressure reducing valve.  Pressure reducing valves are available at your Plumbing Supply or Hardware Store.

According to the “Water Customer Agreement” and the Corporations "Schedule of Rates & Charges", the monthly charges will begin on the day the Meter is installed.  There will be a minimum billing charge, even if there is no water usage indicated on the Meter.