Board Members

The Board of Directors are Brown County Water Utility “Members” that must meet specified criteria to be eligible to serve the membership. The criterion is explained in the Corporation By-Laws. Directors are elected to serve 3-year terms, by a membership vote, during the Annual meeting that takes place in the month of April. Currently, the Board of Directors consist of (7) Brown County Water Utility members.

The Board of Directors welcome the general membership’s ideas and suggestions during our regular monthly meeting. The regular meeting time is scheduled on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Occasionally, due to conflicts, regular meetings may need to be re-scheduled, so please check with our office personnel to confirm the date and time, prior to arriving. All visiting Members who wish to attend a regular Board meeting should be placed on the monthly agenda in advance.  If at any time you have a concern or need further clarification of the Brown County Water Utility policy or guidelines, please contact our office (812) 988-6611, during normal business hours. You may also place your suggestion, idea or complaint with a Director, to present to the Board at their next meeting or if urgent and you need immediate assistance from the Board, a special meeting may be called to order, as deemed necessary.

As a Board, we recognize that strategies, guiding principle and procedures may need to be changed, updated or improved over time. We try diligently to be forthright with our membership. The Board of Directors are forward thinking and a progressive group of people, who strive to do what’s best for the entire membership.

Members may bring forth a request for services that are not presently covered by Brown County Water Utility’s established policy or guidelines. These requests will be reviewed and action taken by the Board of Directors during their regular monthly meeting.

Together we can build a better water utility for our families and the next generation that we will serve.


The Board of Directors
Brown County Water Utility Inc.


President Ben Phillips  
Vice President Dan Huesman  
Secretary Roger Hickey  
Treasurer Gene Cooper  
Director David Weddle  
Director Jim McDonald  
Director Don Poynter